Frequently asked questions

Will the event be indoors or outdoors?

ISAC 2022 is indoors.

What is the surface?

The surface is sand and normally Vilhelmsborg is used for riding. Dog agility is also held at Vilhelmsborg and in the last couple of years the Danish dog agility championship have been held here.

Will camping have electricity and showers?

Yes. Take a look of the map over the venue and camping are here.

Can you have your sheltie in your arms during baton exchange (team relay final)?

Yes, you can. But make sure to put your dog down in a safe manner. Read more about Team Relay here.

How do I find team mates?

You can make a post in the international sheltie competition group on facebook. If you have no luck finding a team, we will help you after registration. Take a look at the participation list as of the 15th of August.

Do I get a receipt when I have transfered my payment to ISAC 2022?
No, you do not get a receipt. We will only contact you if there is a problem or payment is missing.

What if my class 2 dog advances to class 3 before ISAC 2022?

Your choice if you want to run class 3 or class 2 then. Just let us know if you want to run class 3 a week in advance before ISAC 2022.


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